Symptoms Check

Lifezline will provide each person with an excellent healthcare solution by its feature symptoms check by utilizing efficient and powerful AI technology. In case of any health issue, a symptoms check is a convenient way to act. A person can input data about his or her current condition, in response to that our symptoms check will guide the medicines or refer customers to a doctor in the first place; nevertheless, no medicine will be prescribed without reconciling all information provided by the customer and finding it appropriate.

A customer-centric artificial intelligence-based feature that can help individuals to have basic education about their health and medical fitness for timely decision making to save a life.

What We Serve

An A.I. technology feature that developed with the help of algorithms, questionnaires, medical databases, doctors, professors, and industry experts to enhance user experience in terms of identifying their health condition with the help of technology. The feature gives a combined service experience to the user as:

  • Very effective in diagnosing basic conditions related to health.
  • Advice medicine with the help of answered questions by the user.
  • Recommend doctor if in a comorbid condition.


Due to the product complexity, thorough research work and more in-depth analysis are under process whereas the mechanism and effective utilization of artificial intelligence is also part of the program with the help of experts with a focused approach a test run will be done in 1st quarter of 2022 for customer experience.

The product launch is in Pakistan to keep the environment digital and more flexible for maximizing user experience.


On daily basis, we are facing some illness, dizziness, head pain, and or many types of body pain. The Symptoms check feature has the ability to give outcomes for maximum user-friendly products.