Symptoms Check

Lifezline will provide each person with an excellent healthcare solution by its feature symptoms check by utilizing efficient and powerful AI technology. In case of any health issue, a symptoms check is a convenient way to act. A person can input data about his or her current condition, in response to that our symptoms check will guide the medicines or refer customers to a doctor in the first place; nevertheless, no medicine will be prescribed without reconciling all information provided by the customer and finding it appropriate.

Digital Doctor Consultation

Taking an appointment with a doctor, the hassle of going to the hospital, and getting yourself a checkup is a little time-consuming. In a solution to that Lifezline comes up with a 24/7 digital doctor consultation feature. Users can access any verified general physician according to his/her feasibility. Lifezline facilitates its user as their health condition will be analyzed by the doctor via video call and in return to that diagnosis and treatment through the system will be shared with the patient.

Ambulance Service

Every passing time creates panic for a user, whenever reaching out to an ambulance. Alleviate the problem a user may come across, Lifezline proposed a feature of ambulance service. This online booking of an ambulance service is convenient, easy to use, and also saves time and effort. Customers can find the nearest ambulance, track their booked ambulance and find them at the doorstep.


It is always tough to buy an online medicine and also it takes effort to visit a pharmacy to buy the required medicine. Lifezline did not just provide the service for your comfort but also assure that its customer should get authentic and reliable prescribed and over the counter (OTC) medicines, along with an option that customers can track their order. Lifezline also makes sure that it reaches your place with safety with no hassle.

Blood Donation

Lifezline believes in bringing life back to power. The ultimate purpose of our blood donor feature is to provide an easy to use, accessible, efficient, and reliable way to get the required blood. This feature is specially developed to assist customers as it links them to donors by locating to at an emergency center, blood bank, and hospitals that are on board.


Having fair insurance at the right price reduces the stress of the unforeseeable. Lifezline has a feature of insurance that cares for their customer’s needs. Customers can choose from a variety of insurance options based on their requirements from different insurance firms that are on board. 


Prevention is one of Lifezline’s features that works as a knowledge-sharing center. It will educate customers about how to improve their lifestyle, daily routine, work-life balance, healthy food consumption, rehabilitation, nutrition, and many more in the form of blogs, articles, and videos. The feature of a virtual health coach gives you the convenience to get in-time guidance. Further, a customer may fill surveys about their health disease and get the best response by letting them know about pre-active and pro-active approaches.