Having fair insurance at the right price reduces the stress of the unforeseeable. Lifezline has a feature of insurance that cares for their customer’s needs. Customers can choose from a variety of insurance options based on their requirements from different insurance firms that are on board. 

Insurance is for people who are concerned about themselves, families, and to put efforts into securing the future. A person who has a preemptive approach for his / her circumstances and preparation for life long journey i.e. education, health, and assets.

What We Serve

Insurance feature is built with the help of insurance companies and experts who have served and developed products for customer convenience. This feature is a remarkable addition in terms of facilitating people’s needs.

  • Single platform offering multiple insurance options i.e. life, health, education, marriage, travelling and more.
  • Number of Insurance companies are on board as partners
  • Transparent acquiring.


Insurance is a vision to secure and not only secure but serves better to every individual for his her financial needs and or calamities, loss of assets which is experienced by people time to time. The feature is a transparent mechanism with the best possible way to answer queries, whereas the number of insurance partners are on board to offer services and to create value.