Blood Donation

Lifezline believes in bringing life back to power. The ultimate purpose of our blood donor feature is to provide an easy to use, accessible, efficient, and reliable way to get the required blood. This feature is specially developed to assist customers as it links them to donors by locating to at an emergency center, blood bank, and hospitals that are on board.

Blood is the symbol for life and it is commonly observed that when there is a need a person has to rush to other hospitals / blood bank and as he /she get refusal for availability leads more stress.

What We Serve

The approach to the blood donation module is to help and support people when there is a need. The product and its use were advised by a professional doctor.

  • Registered blood banks
  • In-Time availability
  • Ease of access


The product development is under discussion and a brainstorming session started by considering public needs and accomplishing them. 3rd quarter of 2022 is for making the product live.


The significance of blood donation services cannot be ignored. One should summarize that thought process and help others.