Ambulance Service

Every passing time creates panic for a user, whenever reaching out to an ambulance. Alleviate the problem a user may come across, Lifezline proposed a feature of ambulance service. This online booking of an ambulance service is convenient, easy to use, and also saves time and effort. Customers can find the nearest ambulance, track their booked ambulance and find them at the doorstep.

LIFEZLINE feature of the ambulance service is to facilitate its users in a timely manner. When an individual is facing an emergency condition and needs an ambulance to reach the hospital, the hassle increases as time passes by and the ambulance is not reached.

What We Serve

Ambulance service the product is developed after a research survey and a depth understanding of the existing structure and the gap that can be filled with the help of technology. One of a kind feature that bridges the existing system with the technology by the inclusion of:

  • Live tracking
  • Nearest available ambulance in the area
  • Multiple service providers on a single platform
  • Fully equipped or general ambulance

A digital enables ambulance service is today’s demand as people are leaner towards technological development. The product is launched in Pakistan as a pilot project and gradually will be penetrated globally.