Dr. Einar Lied
Dr. Einar Lied former principal senior scientist in nutrition and protein metabolism at the National Institution of Nutrition and Seafood Research in Norway, and Professor in nutrition at the University of Bergen, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine, the Center of International Health and at the Institute of Medicine.
Otto Evjenth
Focus on social and industrial change and adaptation processes. Since 1999 managed companies and projects for social development in Asia in close collaboration with international institutions on issues connected with climate change and Disaster Preparedness in ASEAN and the Pacific Island States.
Olle Kronvall
Olle Kronvall is a serial entrepreneur with bachelor's degree in economics and entrepreneurship. Currently startup – and growth specialist at DNB Bank in Norway.
Bill Haris
A seasoned marketer of 12 years and founder of a Silicon Valley PR/ Marketing firm ranked as Inc. 500 fastest growing company. Currently working as an advisor in Norway Healthtech.