Who are we

Lifezline’s agenda is to develop a healthcare application that helps lessen health problems in an individual’s life. It has been established by a group of motivated and dedicated people who have come together to improvise healthcare via leveraging advanced technologies. As we aim to make Lifezline accessible and easily approachable.

Founder & CEO

Rukhsar Hamid

Message from CEO

It has always been my ambition to work for the cause through which equal health services from the Norwegian model of the health sector can be implemented in other developing countries. The Healthcare sectors of most of the countries are becoming overburdened by diseases and patients. It has to be a collaborative effort, with the purpose of assisting all humans in healthcare everywhere in achieving the UN Sustainable development goal of good health and well-being.

What inspires us?

Having a healthcare service at the time of need is indeed a critical process, whether it be calling an ambulance, finding a blood donor, receiving medicines at the doorstep, getting a 24/7 medical helping hand, make your symptoms check-up effortless. Furthermore, having an insurance policy that gives you freedom and security is also significant.

Lifezline has been designed in such a way that it mitigates all the complications that a customer may come across when being a part of such aspects.


We intend to improve the health and quality of life throughout the world, with the help of advanced AI technologies to make sure that everyone has access to health care.


Our main goal is to deliver an easy, reliable, and comfortable healthcare system to every individual, so we can preserve lives by giving healthcare measures conveniently and effectively.


We value the proper healthcare of an individual at most. As a result, when it comes to health concerns, everyone should have access to high-quality health treatment without putting their health at risk.

Investor Information

We have an open and continuous dialogue with our potential investor community. We encourage you to contact us and reach out to us. We will be happy to provide you with all necessary information so you can make the right decisions.